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I spent a great deal of time researching material available on female expatriates.  It is an interesting subject, as I feel my experiences are somewhat jaded.  I work with amazingly progressive clients. Companies who choose their expatriates based on talents, skills and the perceived ability to succeed in the foreign market.  The articles I found were not representative of the high increase in female expatriates which I am witnessing with my own clients.

The women I work with as their cross-cultural coach are finding support from their spouses, their employers and the mentors in their home offices.  The articles I have read don’t necessarily support my experiences.

As I searched for the best and most up to date findings on this subject, I am attaching an article which I feel is worth reading.  It is 27 pages, but in my opinion both insightful and thought provoking. I welcome your comments and your feedback.   Please feel free to respond at: pps[at]athenagroupintl[dot]com

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