Tools and Assessments

The Learning Style Inventory:
– Identify how to resolve global communication effectiveness issues which arise when working as a part of a multi-cultural team
– Improve cross-cultural skills when working with multi-cultural teams
– Identify the necessary tools to improve communication effectiveness when working as a part of a multi-cultural team.
– Improve personal and professional skills to enhance global communication effectiveness.

Appreciative Interview Process
 Examining the intercultural dimension adds a depth of understanding to create solutions and action plans for moving forward effectively as members of a multi-cultural Leadership team.

Ecotonos: A cross-cultural simulation
“Ecotonos” is a cross-cultural simulation designed to raise levels of awareness and preparedness when working with people across borders. It identifies challenges and opportunities when working with culture groups who have methods of operation different than their own. Upon completion of the simulation itself, we will develop a cross-cultural action plan which will be provided to participants within 3 business days of the session.

IDI (Intercultural Developement Inventory)
MBTI(Myers Briggs Type Inventory)
DISC assessment
COI(Cultural Orientations Indicator)