A mindful path to global leadership

A Mindful Path to Global Leadership training integrates the practice of mindfulness—attention and awareness—with the practical tools of effective cross-cultural management, enabling leaders to bring a wider range of their capacities to today’s increasingly complex and dynamic work environment.

Outcomes of program include:
1. More effective goal attainment through discovering new approaches to work
2. Increased focus and calmness for maximizing peak performance
3. Better decision-making ability and clarifying of priorities in stressful situations
4. Insights for improved relationships with international colleagues, clients and teams
5. Accelerated technique for growth and leadership development

Who should attend:
1. High potential employees considering international assignments
2. Executives working in or managing international teams
3. Global leaders

Price: $3600, 4 hours, up to 20 participants (option for follow up one-one coaching)

A Mindful Path to Global Leadership is designed to help leaders discover a way to cultivate their deepest potential and lead with excellence and wisdom, ultimately improving their well-being and organizational success.