Diversity and Inclusion

Helping leaders develop action steps to increase diversity and inclusion at every level of their organization is key to their success. Individuals, teams and functional groups operate at peak performance and engagement levels when they are acknowledged, respected, and trust that systems are in place to help all employees thrive. Athena International begins any diversity initiative by gaining the commitment of all stakeholders to take the time to clarify their own cultural identity and cultural values. Our experience shows that knowing and understanding oneself and one’s social group placement within the context of the whole is the key to understanding and valuing difference. This step allows organizations to assess existing processes and systems that may undermine a truly meritocratic culture and put the organization in jeopardy competitively. From there, the work / fun begins as we celebrate difference and explore shared values with people from different backgrounds, experiences and abilities, to build an organizational culture of learning, innovation and empowerment for all. Building this common lens where the organization as a whole places value on differences helps us to create equal opportunities and affords the organization access to new possibilities.”