Proud to announce our partnership with Nipporica Associates!

Athena Group INTL Partnership

Athena Group International is proud to announce that effective immediately we are partnering with Nipporica Associates, LLC, Cultural Detective.  Content in the Cultural Detective Series is a collaborative effort of more than 130 global management consultants, organizational behaviorists, educators, psychologists, and other professionals around the world. They have distilled and shared their knowledge and expertise—gained from decades of cross-cultural experience in a wide range of settings—that is included in their series.

In tandem with our programs at Athena Group International, we can now provide our clients with a direct link to the myriad of cultural support materials available through Cultural Detective.   Their support materials will be used as a guide for our follow-up sessions with expatriates as well as our group sessions at 3-6 and 12 months.

Pam Pappas Stanoch
Founder and President, Athena Group International