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Honoring Different Ways of Knowing


I recently returned from a visit to Bali, where I was immersed in the culture, people and a land that opened my mind and heart to more expansive ways of being and knowing.  Rarely do we have an opportunity to step away from our day-to-day lives and truly open to new ways of seeing and experiencing the world.

But in order to shift perspectives, we must first make space for this inspiration to arise. Have you ever noticed when on vacation, it takes several days to unwind and disconnect from the recurring thought patterns that tell us the same, repetitive stories over and over again – the stories that no longer serve us?

Once the thought treadmill stops, what naturally unfolds is a wide-open landscape to create a new masterpiece that is right for you now; a way forward that can be more fluid, relaxed and aware of all the possibilities awaiting you.

We learn best when all of our senses are stimulated. Traveling to an unknown destination (may even be a neighboring community) will lift you up and out of yourself and stretch your boundaries in all directions. It will make you not only more interesting, but more interested, in those around you…….and they will know it.

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