Ricardo Núñez

Ricardo Núñez is a dynamic, energetic and thought-provoking facilitator with over 20 years of experience working closely with leading companies in North America, Latin America, Europe and APAC region. In his corporate career, Ricardo has led teams in operations, sales, public relations, L&D, business development, and customer service in Mexico, USA, and India.

Ricardo’s programs have covered a wide range of subjects including Global Leadership Development, Organizational and Talent Development, Cross-Cultural and Cross-functional Business and Social Practices, Working Effectively with Diversity and Inclusion, Intercultural Communication Challenges and Strategies, Effective Global Team Building, Leading Change, Conflict Management, and Successful Cross-Cultural Communication Skills to name a few.

Ricardo’s experience dealing with global markets includes collaborating as both a business and intercultural liaison with organizations in public and private sectors dealing with multinational markets. In addition, he has participated in multiple research projects focusing on understanding and raising awareness of the values, needs and opportunities, as well as the impact of globalization on Latin American communities in the U.S. Ricardo has also developed and conducted extensive training programs for global audiences, promoting a better understanding of the Latin American culture, markets, and business practices.