Pam Pappas Stanoch

athena pam

Pam Pappas Stanoch has extensive international business experience. As a specialist for over 25 years in the industry of cross-cultural communications and coaching, Ms. Pappas Stanoch has worked with Fortune 100 global corporations as a cross-culturist, international consultant and advisor, executive coach and keynote speaker on global issues. As a global strategist, Pappas Stanoch continues to provide coaching and training for corporations expanding their global operations.

She has served as a contributing editor for “Put Your Best Foot Forward: USA”, a quick reference guide that assists foreign business travelers when conducting business in the United States. She is a member of the Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research (SIETAR) and a regular presenter for professional associations focused on improving international business relations. In addition, she has been a featured columnist for the Wall Street Journal’s National Employment Business Weekly, the Business Journal of the Twin Cities, and a featured year-long columnist for Northwest Airlines’ World Traveler Magazine.

Prior to establishing her first company, Window on the World, Inc., Ms. Pappas Stanoch was a translator/interpreter in Rwanda, East Africa, and the Director of the US operations for VISTAS, a French-based firm. Ms. Pappas Stanoch has a B.A. in French and in Foreign Language Education, a B.S. in International Relations and a Master’s Degree in Cross-Cultural Communications from the University of Minnesota and the Universite Catholique de L’Ouest, Angers, France. She is currently working on an easy reference guide on global communication effectiveness.