Kayla Kelsey

athena kayla

Kayla Kelsey joined Athena Group Intl in 2014. She has Bachelor’s Degrees in Youth Studies and Psychology with a concentration in Global Leadership from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. As a university student, Kayla spent extended periods of time in Venezuela, studying Spanish and in Argentina working as an International Intern with the Latin American Center for Service-Learning. Kayla has worked with diverse groups of youth in the Twin Cities and in Latin America in many different settings and roles. Building relationships with young people and assisting them to navigate life experiences, and learn about cultural is her passion. She has most recently been living and working as a Study Abroad Coordinator in Buenos Aires assisting foreign exchange students from the US and Europe to adjust to life in Argentina. Kayla’s personal and educational background and experiences inform her work with young people who are traveling abroad for the first time.