Elizabeth Topp

athena topp

Elizabeth has 20 years of experience working with individuals and organizations on personal & professional development. As an executive coach, consultant, and trainer, Elizabeth facilitates unique learning sessions on the topics of Mindfulness Coaching, Cross-Cultural Training, Leadership Development, Meaningful Organizational Design, and Human Sustainability. In 2005 Elizabeth designed and researched a Mindfulness-based executive coaching curriculum, which utilizes Mindfulness-Based Stress-Reduction, promoting the cultivation of Executive Presence to enhance leadership effectiveness. Elizabeth is a co-founder of Meaningful Organizational Design, Inc., a certified B Corporation that is an organizational design firm offering services in management consulting, meaningful innovation strategy, organizational and cultural development programs designed to help businesses thrive through a ‘whole business, whole people’ approach. She has a BA in German and Business Administration, a Masters of Liberal Studies in Holistic Human Development and Cross-Cultural Psychology, a Masters of Counseling Psychology and a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology with Clinical Psychology and Expressive Arts certification. Elizabeth has lived and studied in Germany and speaks German proficiently. She currently lives in Malibu, CA.