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Global Education and Development

Creating a Comprehensive Global Education Program in key domestic and international locations improves performance and results. By developing comprehensive long-term education programs to enhance learning and to develop global leadership using both external and internal resources maximizes the utilization of resources and talents within a global company.

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Coaching for Global Leaders

This program integrates the practice of mindfulness—attention and awareness—with the practical tools of effective cross-cultural management, enabling leaders to bring a wider range of their capacities to today’s increasingly complex and dynamic work environment. Outcomes of the program include more effective goal attainment through discovering new approaches to work, increased focus and calm vs calmness for maximizing peak performance, better decision-making ability and clarifying of priorities in stressful situations, insights for improved relationships with international colleagues, clients and teams and accelerated techniques for growth and leadership development.

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Global Team Management and Multicultural Teambuilding

We work with global leaders and team members to examine global communication styles and process, as well as develop an understanding of the values of the culture and how it impacts business decisions. Using tools such as Kolb’s “Learning Style Inventory”, “Appreciative Values” and various simulations, we help our clients develop an action plan, which is both serviceable and fluid.

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Building Inclusive Communities

Our approach to diversity and inclusion starts with self-reflection. What we carry in our own cultural bags impacts the way we work and ultimately build meaningful relationships. How do we cultivate the skill sets needed to listen and respect those who(se) cultural programming is different from our own?  Learning to slow down and take the time to place value on what is important to each team member builds trust, higher employee engagement and stronger teams.  Unconscious bias impacts all decisions; bringing a wider lens to each discussion requires dedication and commitment at every level of the organization to create a workplace where all employees can be their best

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Cross-Cultural Coaching for Expatriates and their Families

Coaching is about moving a valuable person to where they need to be. Cross-cultural coaching provides Relevant InsightRealistic Options and Responsible Action. Most importantly, coaching is focused on the desired outcomes of the participant and their families. The primary function of cross-cultural coaching is development. It allows participants to examine established skill sets, apply them to their current situation and create a fluid strategic plan they can adjust and redefine as challenges and opportunities present themselves in the new location.

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Pre-Departure Assessment Process

Selecting the right talent and ensuring that the entire family is motivated and prepared for what lies ahead is key to successful international assignments. Our-three hour process is efficient but thorough, and gives candidates the time and space to assess if this is the right assignment for them (and their families) and the right time. We review the cultural adaptation cycle and identify success strategies for managing the adaptation process.  In addition, a confidential report with recommendations and suggestions is provided to HR or the hiring manager.

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Tools and Assessments

The Learning Style Inventory By knowing ones’ own preference for giving and receiving information and how it differs from their associates’, participants can then identify how to resolve global communication effectiveness issues which arise when working as a part of a multi-cultural team, improve cross-cultural skills when working with multi-cultural teams and improve personal and professional skills to enhance global communication effectiveness.

Cross-Cultural Adaptability Inventory  Assessing areas of strength and opportunity in four key areas: openness and flexibility, perceptual acuity, emotional resilience and personal autonomy, participants become self-aware of those factors or qualities in which one is strong and those which need improvement. With this new understanding, they identify how to respond to practical concerns that arise when culturally diverse populations interact.

Appreciative Interview Process Examining the intercultural dimension adds a depth of understanding to create solutions and action plans for moving forward effectively as members of a multi-cultural leadership team.

Ecotonos: A cross-cultural simulation “Ecotonos” is a cross-cultural simulation designed to raise levels of awareness and preparedness when working with people across borders. It identifies challenges and opportunities when working with culture groups who have methods of operation different than their own. Upon completion of the simulation itself, we develop a cross-cultural action plan, which will be provided to participants within 3 business days of the session.

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