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Kim coached and mentored me after I relocated from Shanghai China to Pittsburgh PA. Working with Kim in that 8 months has proven to be pivotal and rewarding experience. Kim provided a structured methodology to explore my personal values, as well as an open environment to exchange perspectives. Kim listens, probes, asks emphatic questions, and guides me through the ‘cultural shock’. The discovery obtained by working with Kim has led to a greater self-awareness that I will value throughout my life. I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Kim

PS: Kim is such an elegant and fashionable lady, I can also learn from Kim how to graceful balance the career, the life and the personal image.

Isabella Zhou America HR Director, Industrial and Packaging Coatings, PPG Industries

I deeply thank Manish’s company for giving us an opportunity to know you. You were a blessing in disguise during our settling down process here at Singapore. It’s a pleasure to have known you. You are such a warm and welcoming person that I never felt like talking to a stranger when we interacted for the first time. I hope we meet again soon. Thanks for all your time and efforts put in to help us.

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Garima Shukla

Pam Pappas Stanoch worked with a group of senior executives at our company to help them understand how to operate more effectively in a global world – particularly in three geographic where we chose to focus our training. Pam’s extensive international experience and the knowledge she brought to the training were amazing. I would highly recommend Athena Group International for anyone looking to enhance his or her global credibility.

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David L. Cermak Principal, Head of Vanguard International Japan

“Relocating can be challenging: you have to adapt and learn a lot in a short period of time, and Pam made it possible for us. Working with her allowed us to feel very comfortable in our new environment, in a few weeks only!
Pam helped us being up to speed in our new life, providing the necessary elements to understand the culture and the communities around us, and giving us the keys to interact and be integrated successfully, both on personal and professional aspects.
I can’t thank Pam enough for her work to make our relocation easy and successful.”

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Yon Abad Director, CWT Hotel Solutions Americas

Pam and Nicole were incredibly helpful as my family made the move from Minneapolis to Switzerland. They not only helped me prepare for the change in cultural dynamics of living in Switzerland and working with a global team, but also helped everyone in my family make the transition too. We have 3 young children, and I am forever grateful for the extra attention and care they offered the kids to help ease the transition pains of new home, new school, and new friends. They helped ease their anxiety and replaced it with a spark of adventure. As my kids would say, “we love Pam so much, we wish we could marry her.”

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Yumi Marketing Manager Global Innovation

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