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Using today’s technology, Athena and its’ global network brings you the world. With over 1000 global specialists around the world, Athena can connect you with excellent resources to meet both your professional and personal challenges…

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Global Education and Development

Creating a Comprehensive Global Education Program in key domestic and international locations improves performance and results. By developing comprehensive long-term education programs to enhance learning and to develop global leadership using both external and internal resources maximizes the utilization of resources and talents within a global company.

Developing women in global leadership

The program is designed to improve communication and decision-making effectiveness, enhance awareness and positive response to all members of the team in order to achieve maximum effectiveness as women in leadership and as female employees within a global organization. By identifying strengths and challenges among female leadership and staff we will develop an ongoing learning […]

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Global Programs

– Global Communication Effectiveness:  August 29th Chester, UK  (private) – Global Team Effectiveness:  September 17th, Toronto, Canada (private) Upcoming:  Developing a Global Network:  “Relationship first, expertise second” Minneapolis, MN USA/May 2014* registration begins January 2014 Paris, France/Fall 2014  *registration begins May 2014

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News from the President of Athena

Welcome to our new website.  We would like to create a forum for discussion of current cross-cultural topics, facing global leaders and their teams, remote teams, expatriates and their families, as well as repatriates.  If you have a story to share, please contact us here. Once a month we will be sharing suggestions, information on […]

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Third Culture Kids: Repatriation

To our readers: Repatriation is often miss-understood. Often times coming home is more challenging than going abroad. People always assume that coming home is going to be easy, you know the culture and the system, how it works. You are often overwhelmed with the expectations of others that you should be happy to be home […]

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