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Athena Group Int'l offers international business leaders a network of global strategists located in key cities throughout the world. Athena is an apt inspiration for seasoned international business strategists, who are well-equipped to lead decision makers into uncharted international territory. They can help find the best answers to the toughest international business questions.


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Using today’s technology, Athena and its’ global network brings you the world.  With over 1000 global specialists around the world,  Athena can connect you with excellent resources to meet both your professional and personal challenges…

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Based out of New York, London, Minneapolis, Paris, Hong Kong and Denver, this team of six global professionals has... READ MORE

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Our Philosophy: The average adult learner retains on average approximately 11% of the information they receive. Our mission is to create a ... READ MORE

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As the founder and CEO of the Athena Group, Pam Pappas Stanoch has brought together a worldwide team of colleagues to help... READ MORE

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